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New Hires' Welcome Guide


Lead copywriter



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Welcome Handbook and City Guide's rapid expansion in 2017 meant that thousands of new hires were arriving at the HQ in Amsterdam with a lot of questions – what's a good neighbourhood for expats? What is the healthcare policy? Is there a dress code?

This was too much for the already over capacity onboarding team to handle, so we put together a Welcome to Amsterdam Guide. It was an interesting little project that gave me the chance to write, for want of a better term, a travel guide. Of course, it had to include all the information the onboarding team required it to include, but we got to have a little fun around the edges.

We did away with the Planet Booking moniker and this particular style sometime in 2019, so this guide lives on only in the recesses of a dusty Google drive, but I will always think of it fondly.

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