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Amsterdam Tech City - Video Series


Lead copywriter



Project type

Global Recruitment Campaign

To compete with other major tech players in Europe, we needed to create a USP the likes of Google, Airbnb and Amazon didn't have. Given their size and scale, and considerable compensation packages, we decided to use Booking's location as that USP. However, for a lot of people, Amsterdam is a holiday destination, with a particular reputation.

To 'bust' this myth, we developed a web video series, which we embedded into sponsored content in publications like The Huffington Post, the Irish Times and Tech Crunch. The videos themselves featured Amsterdam entrepreneurs, tech leaders and Booking employees, hosted by Georgie Barrat, a British tech journalist and presenter. I scripted each video, guided interviews and edited all sponsored content.

The campaign was translated into 3 languages, with a reach of 60+ million. The response was tens of thousands of applications. It set a new benchmark for production quality in's recruitment marketing.

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