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Lead copywriter


2018 - 2019's expansion into new business verticals meant bringing in heaps of new tech talent. But with tough competition from Google and Airbnb, we had to find ways to elevate Booking's employer value proposition while showcasing one of the company's biggest assets – its HQ location, Amsterdam.

We partnered with MediaMonks and VerizonMedia to create a campaign that reached over 65 million people across a broad spectrum of both paid and owned channels with a not-so-typical recruitment ad. Written by yours truly (obviously).

A key ask from the business was to feature offices and employees. This changed the initial planning and spread the shoot across three locations (Amsterdam, Shanghai and Toronto) in three very tight weeks of filming and flying, with over 100 employees featuring as the cast.

The hero film and its various cutdowns was translated into numerous languages, reached over 60 million in potential talent and generated tens of thousands of applications. It was's biggest production in recruitment marketing, of all time.

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