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Grown in Wales but gradually maturing in Amsterdam, this well-rounded storyteller offers bold, zesty ideas, dry wit and rich creative experience. Works well with coffee. 


I’ve been writing for brands in some form or another for more than a decade. I’ve written all sorts of stuff for all kinds; well-known names like, Heineken, Leica and Adidas, and not so well-known names. All have provided their own opportunities, challenges and lessons to learn. You can find more about my experience, here.

Editing and Editorial

A side-effect of being a copywriter, that no one tells you about when you start out, is the somewhat obsessive need to edit any copy that crosses your path. Even if no asked you to. So I don't blame you, if you're mentally editing this. You're right, it probably could be shorter. 

Content and Comms Strategy

Managing channels like LinkedIn and Instagram for forced me to learn how to plan and execute a content strategy. It also taught me the value of knowing 'who is consuming this content', 'where will it live' and 'is it actually engaging', before you write, shoot or record anything. But that's not to say I can't be gutsy. When I saw the need for in-depth, long-form content that highlighted leadership and tech talent at, I created a podcast, from scratch, with no budget and no prior experience. And it got thousands of downloads (i'm mostly a very humble lad but this was a proud achievement).

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